"The Shirts of Gibbons" Project

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"The Shirts of Gibbons" Project

"The Shirts of Gibbons" Project is an invitation to our alumni and friends to "relive" what they love about Cardinal Gibbons and to tell the story of our school through the shirts that have been worn with love.

We invite you to contribute images of your own Gibbons gear to help us preserve your time as a student at Cardinal Gibbons. This could include any shirts/sweatshirts/jackets from different drama plays, sports teams, clubs, summer camps, proms, class trips or anything that you recognize as Gibbons related during your time as a student. If it was associated with something you did while at Gibbons, we want to see it!

We are collecting images of these items - WE ARE NOT COLLECTING THE ACTUAL PIECE OF CLOTHING - so you can keep these mementos to wear proudly around your community! (If you do have some items you wish to donate to the school, that would be welcomed as well)

How to submit my shirts?

Step 1: Locate your old shirts/sweatshirts/jackets - old practice shirts, PE uniform, summer camps, drama plays, prom shirts, etc. If it was associated with something you did while at Gibbons, we want to see it!

Step 2: Find a flat surface to lay them out on. Lay your clothing out so that you can capture the whole shirt in the photograph. Try to take a picture from straight above. If there are graphics on both sides of the shirt, take a picture of both the front and the back.

Step 3: Email your pictures to alumni@cghsnc.org with the subject line "T-Shirt Project"

Any individual who submits a shirt and fills out the "Shirts of Gibbons Raffle" Form between December 1, 2016 - January 10, 2017 will be entered into one of our weekly drawings along with being eligible for our Grand Prize announced at our Letterman Recognition on January 11, 2017.
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