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Freshman Retreat

Prism focuses on helping freshmen identify who they are right now but also who they feel they should be, who God made them to be. The retreat consists of a variety of games, senior leader talks, skits, prayer services and small group activities.

Prism Information and Registration

Junior Retreat

Quest challenges juniors to consider who they are and where they are currently on the journey of life at. The retreat is held at the beach for three days and two nights. They are challenged to transform their simple journey into a Quest for a deeper, more meaningful existence with God and others.

Sophomore Retreat

Mosaic features an outdoor team-building challenge course that is unique to this retreat in helping sophomores realize their vital role in the community of Cardinal Gibbons. This retreat is two days and one night at Camp Weaver in Greensboro.

Senior Retreat

Kairos is a four day/three night Ignatian retreat that focuses on one's relationships with God, others and self. There is a mix of adult and peer talks, small groups and powerful activities that inspire the participants. The word Kairos means “the Lord's time" and teaches retreatants to live in the moment.

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