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Remaining Retreats

FULL: Prism 36
SunDAY, Feb. 12 - MonDAY, Feb. 13

Camp Oak Hill, Oxford, NC

**Once you register online, you will receive an email that will confirm payment. You will receive an additional email from the retreat office to inform you of the retreat date you received.

“Make the most of your 24 hours, because they will go too fast." -Connor Reilly, '18

"I think the retreat was fantastic! If you want to find real friends and real people, go on Prism!" -Molly Schimelfenig, '19

"I went on the retreat to meet people. The most influential person I met was God. Now, I know I can lay down all my problems before Him and He will protect me. " Natalie Freeman, '15

"Until the retreat, I only vaguely knew people in my classes, but after, I have so many more friends." - Joey Taffe, '19

"The retreats at Gibbons are a once in a lifetime thing; each one of them is unique in it's own way." -Grace Longley, '19

"You're kind of just drifting around trying to make connections with people Freshman year until Prism. This is where you stop drifting and make lifelong friends." -Anonymous

"One of the best experiences I have had! Very inspiring and uplifting. You get to know new people and make plenty of new friends." -Evan Elezaj, '17

One of our fundamental beliefs as a Catholic-Christian people is that we all have been created in God's own image and likeness. As such we are truly reflections of God.

Gibbons' Prism freshman retreat emphasizes that fact. A prism is an object that refracts a pure beam of white light, resulting in a spectrum of colors. Similarly, each of us as humans are a part of the spectrum of humanity, unique individuals created to glorify God and live in his love and grace. But we are also imperfect prisms, creating our own spectrums of emotion and experience, that are both effected greatly by others and that have a great effect on others.

Prism encompasses both of these aspects of our humanity, being a perfect and unique creation of God but also an imperfect object seeking to see ourselves -- and others -- more clearly. Prism focuses on helping freshmen identify who they are right now but also who they feel they should be, who God made them to be.

The retreat consists of a variety of games, senior leader talks, skits, prayer services and small group activities.

If you are interested in attending Prism, please see the general retreats policy page and then complete the online registration and payment form.

We can accommodate 40 freshmen on each Prism retreat. Spaces do fill up fast, so please sign up soon!

Contact Director of Retreats Ms. Crista Anders (canders@cghsnc.org) for more information.

We're looking forward to seeing our students on retreats this year!

General Retreat Policies

Once you register online, you will receive an automatic email that will confirm payment. You will receive an additional email from the retreat office to inform you of the retreat date you received.

Retreat Cost and Method of Payment

The cost for the Prism freshman retreat is $75.

Payment for retreats is due via the website at time of registration. Our online registration system accepts Visa and MasterCard.

Rate includes room and board, bus transportation, and snacks during the retreat. Rate does NOT cover full retreat expenses; the school subsidizes the full cost of the retreat.

If the cost is prohibitive for a student's family, please contact Director of Retreats Ms. Crista Anders (canders@cghsnc.org); we do not wish cost to be the determining factor in a student's participation

Location and Transportation
The Prism retreat is held at Camp Oak Hill in Oxford, NC for the second semester. We will travel the 1.5 hour ride by charter bus.

Departure information

Sunday-Monday retreat

Please meet in Main Lobby on Sunday at 1:15 p.m. with your luggage. We return around 2:30 p.m. on Monday. You will be dismissed for regular dismissal. You will receive an email with these specific directions and a packing list the week before the retreat.

Thursday- Friday retreat

Please drop off luggage to Plant Ops BEFORE school (7:30-8am). We will meet in Chapel(or other location announced at meeting) on Thursday at 3 p.m. to load luggage. We return around 2:30 p.m. on Friday. You will be dismissed for regular dismissal. You will receive an email with these specific directions and a packing list the week before the retreat.

What to Pack

  • sheets and blanket or sleeping bag (fitted sheets and pillows are provided)
  • towel, shower shoes (old/inexpensive pair of flip-flops for shower)
  • toiletries
  • modest sleeping attire (a robe if have one because restrooms are located downstairs from dormitories)
  • casual clothes (no tank tops, low cut shirts or short-shorts: you will be asked to change)
  • a sweatshirt and/or jacket

Please do not bring any snacks or drinks; there will be water and plenty of snacks provided.

We will have a mandatory meeting the week before the retreat to discuss specifics and give you a packing list. The meeting date will be sent via email and school announcements closer to the retreat.

We typically have Mass before we leave for retreat. We will let the freshmen know at our meeting.

Contact on Retreat
In case of emergency, please call Ms. Anders at 610-420-2732

Cancellation Policy
Retreat cancellations greatly affect team and facilities preparations, especially as the retreat date nears. If for some reason you need to cancel, requests must be submitted by email to Ms. Crista Anders (canders@cghsnc.org) 10 days prior to the retreat date. Refunds after that, will only be given for special circumstances at the discretion of the administration.

Change of Retreat Date Policy
If you need to change your retreat date, please email Ms. Crista Anders (canders@cghsnc.org) as soon as possible. Timing is important because most retreats have a waiting list. Every effort will be made to place you on another retreat, if there is room.

If you have any questions regarding Prism, please contact: Ms. Crista Anders(canders@cghsnc.org)

If you have any questions or issues regarding the registration form, please contact(website@cghsnc.org).

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