Course Registration

CGHS Course Registration 2018-2019

All students register for classes on PowerSchool starting February 5, 2018 and ending on February 16, 2018.
Placement, registration and course option information can be found in the CGHS Course of Studies.
Students should email their college counselor if they have any questions or would like to change a course selection.

Student Scheduling Assembly Presentations

Class of 2018

Class of 2019

Class of 2020

Questions about Placement in Courses?

Registration information for Parents

Parents must complete the 2017-2018 Bio Update and pay the $100 registration fee. Access the form via the Parent Portal login on PowerSchool.

Optional registration information meeting for parents on February 28th at 6pm for Class of 2020 and 7pm for Classes of 2018 and 2019.


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