Honors Option

CGHS offers students the opportunity to enroll in honors option certain courses each semester. Honors Option allows students to earn honors credit (and honors course name designation) for many elective and Fine Art classes.

Honors option requirements are specific to each course and are outlined by the instructor at the start of each semester. Students will remain in the same class/period/instructor and will be required to complete the Honors Option requirements on or before the designated due date.

Students interested in enrolling in Honors Option for Semester 2 for the 1617 school year should complete the 1617 Honors Option Sign Up form on or before 4 pm on January 13th. Form is closed for Semester 2.

Prior to completing the form:

  • 1. Read/discuss/gather all information about the Honors Option course requirements from each course so you will make an informed decision.
  • 2. Complete the online form: 1617 Honors Option Sign Up for EACH course the student wants to enroll in. (Only CGHS students can access the online form. Parents cannot sign up for Honors Option.)
  • 3. Complete the Honors Option course requirements for each class on or before the designated due date.

Students should check PowerSchool on January 17th to ensure any changes to honors option have been made. If there is an error, please contact, Mrs. Nancy Barkan

Note about Semester 2: Students enrolled in yearlong honors option course DO NOT need to sign up for semester 2. They will remain enrolled in the honors option.

If a student is enrolled in an honors option course that is yearlong and wants to drop it for semester 2, he or she should email Mrs. Annette Jay by January 13th.
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