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Gibbons Educators Win Daly Awards

Gibbons Educators Win Daly Awards

Educators Caroline Costello, Andy Hawks and Susan Leigh pose with their awards.

Educators Caroline Costello, Andy Hawks, and Susan Leigh
pose with their Daly awards. 

Established by Mr. and Mrs. Daly, the annual Daly awards recognize educators for outstanding contributions to the Gibbons community that further the school's mission. 

Recipients are selected by their peers, and the awards are presented during the Educator End of Year celebration. 

Andy Hawks, Fine Arts Educator
Susan Scott Daly '76 Excellence in Teaching Award

Headshot image of Andy Hawks

Orchestra educator Andy Hawks received the Susan Scott Daly '76 Excellence in Teaching Award for his dedication to student learning, commitment to enriching our community, and innovative learning programs. 

What his peers said…

"This person's superpower is facilitating bright and engaging learning by helping students develop their instrumental abilities, as well as their listening and collaboration skills."

"In addition to helping grow our school's Orchestra, He has put in countless hours enhancing our school's Music Ministry. He has worked to enhance our school's experience of Liturgy by inviting, training, and performing alongside students."

"Aside from his full-hearted commitment to participating and leading in service, "serving others" is an extra-big part of WHO he is as an educator and person. I can't think of a time when I have talked to this person (about anything!) that he wasn't offering to serve/help in some way."

Susan Leigh, Director of Alumni Advancement
Mr. and Mrs. Daly Outstanding Office Educator Award

Headshot image of Susan Leigh

Susan Leigh, director of alumni advancement, received the Mr. and Mrs. Daly Outstanding Office Educator Award for her leadership and initiative in supporting the school's goals, dedication to students, families, alumni, colleagues, and friends of Gibbons, and demonstrated commitment to enriching the school community. 

What her peers said… 

"Susan is an incredibly hard worker who loves our school and the entire community. She is always putting others first and willing to help anyone at any time."

"Susan clearly believes that the experience with Gibbons doesn't end when you graduate. It is just the beginning of a new adventure of engagement as a member of the Gibbons family.' She always welcomes our Alumni with a grateful heart and a beautiful warm smile, whether they are an alum from 50 years ago or an alumnus of 2 months."

"Susan is a bridge-builder, often making connections with alums in their chosen fields and connecting them with current students who are exploring their career options and passions."

Caroline Costello, Counselor
Jason Curtis Award for Vision Driven Innovation and Leadership 

Headshot image of Caroline Costello

Caroline Costello received the Jason Curtis Award for Vision Driven Innovation and Leadership for going above and beyond to implement a vision of making Gibbons a great Catholic school while exemplifying innovative leadership.

Costello launched the school's first dedicated counseling program, providing mental health support and guidance to students. 

What her peers said….

"Caroline provides leadership by trailblazing the mental health path for Cardinal Gibbons on a daily basis. She has taken her role as the first Mental Health Counselor at Cardinal Gibbons High School very seriously. I have witnessed her office door revolving all year long." 

"Students and educators alike seek her guidance, counsel, and calming and understanding demeanor. They know she will listen without judgment and provide sound advice. Anyone who has a chance to stop by her office or even catch up with Caroline in the hall knows her genuine sincerity and concern for all people. We are truly blessed."