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Students earn spots in competitive Governor's School program

Students earn spots in competitive Governor's School program

Four Gibbons students have been selected to attend the North Carolina Governor's School this summer. As the oldest statewide summer residential program for gifted and talented high school students in the nation, the selection process was highly competitive, with more than 1,700 applications across the state this year.   

Selected students are invited to Governor's School to help build a learning community. They are encouraged to explore and ask questions, learn for their own sake, and discover new possibilities without the everyday pressures of tests, scores, and grade point averages. 

Students Heading to Governor's School

Headshot of Teadora Binanay

Teadora Binanay ‘26  

Headshot of Hayden Lombardi

Hayden Lombardi ‘25

Headshot of Claudia Nkidiaka

Claudia Nkidiaka ‘25 

Headshot of Isabela Santoyo

Isabela Santoyo ‘25