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Junior Xavier Deberry pens guided spiritual journal

Junior Xavier Deberry pens guided spiritual journal 

Junior Xavier Deberry recently penned a guided journal he hopes will instill hope and confidence through a connection with God.

Book cover for "A Living Vessel"
Headshot of Xavier Deberry

“A Living Vessel” takes readers on a 60-day guided spiritual journey inspired by Deberry’s grandfather. 

“My grandfather cultivated me to be a child of God and learn the same teachings that are in my book. However, I know that everyone may not have that role model in their life to help guide them and set them on a path of building a relationship and spiritual connection with God. 

The journal was created for people of all ages, but Deberry expects it to resonate most with youth and young adults. 

“I hope and pray people will use my book as a starting point in their new lives and relationships with God to ultimately make the world a better place one step at a time,” he said. 

Deberry also hopes the journal will be used as a tool for renewal. 

“I want people to know just how special and amazing they truly are through God’s love and creation,” he said. 

“A Living Vessel” is available to purchase online at