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Stewardship Awards 2024

Educators Honored with Stewardship Awards

Group image of Stewardship Award winners Nick Mangum, Jen Hammersley, Miguel Casas, Peggy Paez, and Crista Anders.

During our annual Catholic Schools Week Stewardship Mass, five educators were honored for their continued dedication to the school. 

Mary Margaret Dowling Award | 25 years

Mary Margaret Dowling served as a Sister of Notre Dame for 25 years. She taught at Cardinal Gibbons High School from 1986 to 1990.

Headshot of Miguel Casas

​Señor Miguel Casas
Spanish Educator

Spanish Educator Miguel Casas is known for his charming rapport with students and colleagues, immediately putting everyone at ease. A former student said through his class, she developed a love of language that took her across the world to study abroad, minor in Spanish, and use the language in her job as a medical professional. 

Headshot of Peggy Paez

Peggy Paez
Director of Attendance

As the first face people see when they enter the school building, Peggy Paez has made a career out of building meaningful realtipnships with students and their parents. As the Director of Attendance, she recognizes when she needs to be tough or embrace students with words of kindness. 

Rev. Albert Todd Award | 15 years

Father Albert Todd, a North Carolina native, was ordained in 1957 and served in 12 parishes during his career. He was also a student counselor at Cardinal Gibbons from 1962 to 1963 and an advocate of Catholic education. 

Headshot of Crista Anders

Crista Anders 
Retreat Coordinator (Grades 11 & 12)

When Crista came to Gibbons, she launched the school’s senior Kairos Retreat. Kairos has become a pivotal moment in many students’ faith journey and an experience they cherish long after graduating. She has helped lead more than 70 retreats, including the Girls Retreats she launched in 2021. 

Headshot of Jen Hammersley

Jen Hammersley ‘04

The school’s salutatorian in 2004, Jen began her Gibbons career in the classroom teaching math. Her former math teacher, Joan Troy, was pleased when the pair started co-teaching pre-calculus (a subject Joan hadn’t taught in quite a while), and Jen became her mentor. Jen transitioned to the role of the registrar in 2021, a change she has relished, offering fresh perspective and renewed energy. 

Headshot of Nick Mangum

Nick Mangum ’99
BTE Educator & Head Cross Country Coach 

Nick was an elite cross-country and track athlete as a student at Cardinal Gibbons. When he began teaching and coaching at the school, he ignited that same drive in his students and athletes. He has led the school to 16 state championships while creating a team culture built on belonging, support, and unconditional love.