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Students earn Scholastic Art Awards

Students earn Scholastic Art Awards

The seven student artists who recently who awards pose for a photo.

Seven Gibbons art students recently earned Scholastic Art Awards for the eastern region, which includes 55 counties. 

Emma Aldredge '24, Ava Astilla '23, Mei Cheng ‘24, Sarah Goodwin ‘24, Martha Nichols ‘24, Reagan Tomczak ‘24, Helena Torrey ‘23 were honored. 

Their work is eligible for an exhibition at East Carolina University’s School of Art and Design. 

Silver and Gold award winners will be celebrated during a ceremony hosted at ECU’s Jenkins Fine Art Center ib Saturday, Feb. 25. 




Gold Key awards

Headshot image of Mei Cheng

Mei Cheng ‘24

“Summer’s End”

Student arwork
Headshot of Sarah Goodwin

Sarah Goodwin ‘24

“looping routine”

Sarah Goodwin's art titled Looping Routine
Headshot of Martha Nichols

Martha Nichols ‘24


Headshot of Reagan Tomczak ‘24

Reagan Tomczak ‘24

“Don’t Look”

Student arwork
Headshot of Helena Torrey

Helena Torrey ‘23


Student arwork

“Natural Beauty”

Student arwork

Silver Key awards

Headshot of Ava Astilla

Ava Astilla ‘23

"Disconnected Classroom"

Ava Astilla's artwork titled Disconnected Classroom


Student arwork
Sarah Goodwin

“surgical cacophobia”

Student arwork
Martha Nichols


Student arwork
Helena Torrey


Student arwork

“Break Through”

Helena Torrey's artwork titled "Break Through"

“The Movement” 

Student arwork

Honorable mentions

Headshot of Emma Aldredge

Emma Aldredge '24

"Peace at Green”

Student arwork

“Emma Day”

Student arwork
Ava Astilla

“My Unforeseeable Future”

Student arwork

“Incomplete Without Eyesight”

Student arwork

“Limitless Luminosity”

Student arwork
Helena Torrey


Student arwork