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Strategic Plan


Strategic Plan

Forward in Faith

Cardinal Gibbons High School seeks to lead Catholic education back to prevalence as a culture-defining experience in the US that inspires lifelong learning, faith, service, and leadership in its students and alumni.  

We cultivate a thriving community of learners that embody the values, impact, and relevance of Catholic education for the modern world. 


We are called to embrace the mission of Jesus Christ through formational experiences for our students, both in and out of the classroom.


We invite our student body to experience and follow Jesus Christ, both now and in the future. Our faith informs our commitment to inquiry, our service to others, and inspires moral leadership of self and others within our church and community.

Our Strategy: Formation through faith, service, and leadership

Our Goals


Focus on faith

Witness our Catholic identity in every part of our school

  • Create Christ-centered school experiences infused and inspired by Catholic social teaching.

  • Strengthen our teaching methods to emphasize relational dialogue, inquiry, and perspective-taking while remaining grounded in our values.

  • Augment the daily schedule to prioritize Masses, prayer services, chapel talks, retreats, outreach, and the promotion of vocations and the sacraments.

Nurture God-given talents in everyone

Shape and inspire our students to be leaders and trailblazers in their communities and beyond

  • Empower our educators to design and deliver transformative curriculum through dynamic teaching methods. 

  • Inspire students to take charge of their academic future through immersive learning experiences.

  • Develop a consistent Cardinal Gibbons teaching methodology, using contemporary research, that prioritizes a student-centered learning environment that reflects our Catholic values and beliefs.

Foster enriching community

Cultivate a thriving and healthy Catholic community of learners 

  • Coordinate our exceptional co- and extracurricular opportunities into the broader educational programs. 

  • Focus on fostering a culture of health and wellness and self-knowledge for each student and within our broader community.

  • Construct more on-campus spaces for belonging.

Extend our impact 

Demonstrate the relevance and value of a 21st-century Catholic education

  • Demonstrate our impact to the community by developing a culture of philanthropy.

  • Directly engage with parents and alumni to forge an unbreakable partnership through direct engagement with our mission and impact.

  • Bolster community partnerships by expanding our many networks within the Triangle to foster a broader influence.