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This post contains the full text of Head of School Jeff Bell's weekly message sent via email to all parents, students and educators.

Head of School Jeff Bell stands in front of the Mission Wall in the main lobby.

Mr. Jeff Bell begins his tenure as the first Head of School in the 110-year history of Cardinal Gibbons on July 1, 2020.

Over the last two months, Bell has been working with Interim Principal Nancy Barkan, the Board of Directors, diocesan leaders, and educators to make the leadership transition at Gibbons as smooth as possible.

Head of School Jeff Bell

This post contains the full text of Head of School Jeff Bell's weekly message sent via email to all parents, students and educators.

September 23, 2020

Dear Gibbons Community,

I hope you are having a wonderful week. A few weeks ago, I mentioned that we were beginning to fall into the rhythm of the school year and how wonderful it felt to return to a sense of “normalcy” during this unusual year. What has been exciting recently is how this rhythm has become more pronounced as we all get used to being at school again, even under different conditions. 

The athletics program is restarting, with the field hockey team even participating in competitions with other schools in the near future. Our club culture is returning as students gain comfort and have a better handle on the school year. There are retreats beginning to happen again at Short Journey with regularity. And, most importantly, things are just beginning to “feel” like Gibbons again. I recognize that, given my newness to the school, my perspective might be a bit skewed, but the energy and enthusiasm that I felt when I walked through the halls last winter is beginning to become palpable again. It’s hard to encapsulate how exciting this is for everyone on campus. 

Parent engagement opportunities are also resuming. The Crusader Classic Golf Tournament will take place on Monday, October 5 at MacGregor Downs Country Club in Cary. It is a longstanding fall tradition that brings parents, alumni, and friends of the school together for a day of fellowship, playing golf, and supporting our school.

As things begin to open up again, Gibbons will continue to practice caution and emphasize safety. As we all know, the virus is immune to good feelings and optimism, and so we will continue to be vigilant in our protocols and procedures to ensure that our students and educators remain healthy and to leverage the outdoors and our expansive campus as well as be innovative in how we are educating and working with our students. 

We ask that you continue to partner with us in the ways that you have been and prioritize the health and safety of our community regarding illnesses, absences, and potential exposures. We love having our students on campus, and we want to continue to offer in-person education. It will take all of us working together to continue down this path. 

There is much to be grateful for, even during these trying times. I know that I speak for many when I say how appreciative I am for the Gibbons community. Each one of us has a role to play, and our community is much richer and more vibrant when we are together and not apart. God’s grace is evident in the way in which our educators interact with their students, in the supportive messages that educators receive from parents, and in the opportunities that we have to worship together in the Chapel and at Masses on our Community Days. 

We are thankful for everyone’s efforts to make Gibbons the school that it is!


Jeff Bell
Head of School 

Board of Directors

The Cardinal Gibbons High School Board of Directors for 2019-2020

Rev. Bill John Acosta-Escobar
Rev. John Durbin
Mr. Jeff Gredvig
Mrs. Annette Jay
Mrs. Megan Mazzocchi - Vice Chair
Rev. Scott McCue
Mrs. Kathleen Olechovsky
Mrs. Pat Phillips
Mr. Blaine C. Short
Mr. Tim Throndson - Chair
Mr. Tyler Zimmerman '12

Staff to the Board:
Mrs. Nancy Barkan
Dr. John Pendergrass 

Cardinal Gibbons High School Liaison:
Mrs. Kendra Burns 

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