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Female educator interacting with three male students during a science experiment.


A transformational learning experience

Cardinal Gibbons is a Catholic college preparatory school. We encourage students to pursue their God-given talents and prepare them to excel as learners and leaders during and after high school. Our educators help them develop real-world problem solving skills, faith, and courage that will ultimately transform their lives and the lives of those around them.

A Cardinal Gibbons education inspires students to learn with purpose. Here, students: 

  • Discover and pursue their God-given vocations in a caring Catholic environment

  • Grow as creative, discerning, and collaborative agents of their own learning

  • Develop as conscientious members of a global, Catholic community

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Graduates enroll in college


Students enrolled in first choice classes


Students enroll in at least one AP class by senior year


Educators hold an advanced degree

Classes for the Real World

Our students don’t just sit at a desk all day. Instead, they experience our curriculum through hands-on learning and real-life application. From STEM and robotics to fine arts and world languages, Gibbons has it all.

Student in engineering class
Student in pottery class
Male student listening to a female student during class.
Students in lab class
Student in music class
Two students in engineering class
Students in Tech Theatre

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Leading by example, our educators apply their talents to the formation of men and women of who have a foundation of faith, a commitment to service, and the ability to lead. Collectively, they hold over 1,000 years of experience in classroom instruction at Gibbons.

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Nancy Beale

Nancy Beale

World Languages Educator
Amy Biersack

Amy Biersack

Mathematics Educator
Lydia Binanay

Lydia Binanay

World Language Educator
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