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Advanced Anatomy and Physiology

This year-long course is designed to introduce students to the structure and function of the human body. It is of special interest to students who intend to pursue careers in the allied health fields. Building in an understanding of anatomical vocabulary, concepts and physiological processes, rather than rote memorization, is emphasized. Discussions of clinical examples, current research techniques, and medical ethics occur to highlight these complementary areas. The meticulous dissection of several lower mammals and mammalian organs form the framework for the Gross Anatomy study. Physiology labs and microscopic studies of the various tissues enable the students to master good laboratory technique and report writing. Students will be responsible for completing a summer assignment for this course.

*Advanced Anatomy and Physiology is a dual credit course that will use the AP grading scale. Students in this course have the option to enroll in the Dual Credit program with Marymount University, at an additional cost, to receive college credit for Anatomy 1 and 2 with Lab (8 total credits). However, students are not required to enroll in the Dual Credit program to take this class and will still earn GPA points as indicated by the AP grading scale.