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Sacred Heart Vocal Ensemble Honors

Named after the original name of Cardinal Gibbons High School, the Sacred Heart Vocal Ensemble is the advanced vocal performing ensemble. Sacred Heart Vocal Ensemble is a mixed SATB ensemble that facilitates students who have met standards for Soprano/Alto Vocal Ensemble or Tenor/Bass Vocal Ensemble. This course will scientifically and pedagogically refine the sound of the ensemble for lifelong singing after high school and supporting vocal communication in athletic teams. This ensemble is a continuation of the members developing music reading, sight singing, and ear training skills; the primary focus of this ensemble is performance. The Sacred Heart Vocal Ensemble performs diverse SATB repertoire including but not limited to: Classical, Gospel, Jazz, Commercial, and World Multicultural music. This ensemble performs on and off campus concerts and is the primary vocal ensemble in the Cardinal Gibbons High School Masses as a requirement. Solo/small group work will be encouraged.