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Soprano/Alto Vocal Ensemble

Soprano/Alto Vocal Ensemble is designed to expose students to the art and science of vocal music. This course will scientifically and pedagogically develop the soprano and alto voice to prepare students for continuation to the Sacred Heart Vocal Ensemble Honors, lifelong singing outside of the vocal ensemble, and support vocal communication on athletic teams. Students will be placed in the appropriate voice parts to ensure proper and healthy vocal development.This ensemble is meant to facilitate sopranos and altos who have some experience or no experience in a vocal ensemble. Music reading is not a prerequisite to participate in this ensemble; however, emphasis will be placed on the development in music theory, sight-singing, and ear training skills. The Soprano/Alto Vocal Ensemble performs SSA and SSAA pieces, both accompanied and a cappella in a diverse array of genres. Participation in on-campus performances and collaborations with other Cardinal Gibbons vocal ensembles are required. Students may take this course consecutives years; the Honors Option is only available to students in Year 2 and above. 

*For rising 9th grade students, read about PE deferment here.