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Course Change Requests

Our scheduling team places students in classes based on course selections that were submitted last spring. A considerable amount of time and effort goes into creating a master schedule that accommodates all of these requests and is balanced for students, educators, and our facilities. Because of this, it is often difficult to make changes to student schedules, and we are only able to do so when there is a valid reason for the change. 

Course Change Policies:

  • We cannot accept change requests to accommodate a change in flex period, teacher preferences, or lunch time. 
  • After June 1, AP courses can no longer be added to a student's schedule for the upcoming year.
  • When changing courses, a student acknowledges that the change may affect the periods and/or teachers for other courses in their schedule, including flex.
  • Moving from the CP level of a course to the Honors level requires the approval of a student’s college counselor and must be done before August 8.
  • After the start of classes, students must first discuss potential changes with their teacher before requesting a change.
  • There is a $75 fee to change courses. 
  • Semester 2 course changes will not appear in PowerSchool and Schoology until after the close of Semester 1. Students should check PowerSchool for teacher and classroom information before the start of classes on January 3rd.

How to Request a Change:

Contact your college counselor or click on the button below to submit the course change inquiry form. It is strongly recommended that you consult with your college counselor before making a change. 

Course Change Inquiry Form

Once your college counselor and the registrar review your request, the registrar will send you the link to submit payment. The course change will not be finalized until payment is received. 

Important Dates:

  • August 28 – Last day to add/drop yearlong and first semester elective courses
  • September 15 – Last day to drop from AP to Honors or Honors to CP for 1st Quarter. Any drops after this will not take effect until 2nd Quarter.
  • October 13 -  Any changes on or after this date must be approved by Mrs. Barkan, the Assistant Head of School for Academics
  • January 12 - Last day to add/drop electives for second semester

*Please note that these dates reflect the last day to make the change. The conversation about the change should start in advance of these dates.

Questions? Contact the registrar or your College Counselor.