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Raleigh Tutoring

Raleigh Tutoring tutors are dedicated and talented and can help with all subjects, including AP courses, homework management, and study skills. They are experienced classroom teachers who are skilled in their subject areas and knowledgeable in curriculum goals and testing expectations.

As a result, Raleigh Tutoring tutors excel at what they do. They know every student is unique, so they tailor their lessons based on your child’s unique needs. Raleigh Tutoring tutors not only clearly explain subject matter, they also encourage, coach, challenge, and provide timely feedback to students and their parents. Tutoring can be scheduled at our central Raleigh office, virtually, or at home.

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ACT and SAT Prep

Raleigh Tutoring provides one-on-one ACT and SAT Prep tutorials that customize instruction to boost scores. We offer instruction for both exams in critical reading, writing, math, science, any combination, or a comprehensive review of all subjects – wherever your child needs the most help. We can also help you decide which test is best for your child. All of our ACT and SAT tutors are not only experienced teachers, but are also internally certified to ensure that they have an outstanding grasp of the material covered in the exams and the strategies needed to get a top score. This means they have scored in the 90th percentile; many have made perfect scores in the areas they tutor. Our ACT and SAT tutoring services are flexible, convenient and affordable. Students can meet with their tutors in our office, virtually, in their home, or at a public location such as a library or coffee shop. While most sessions are an hour and most students opt for several weeks of tutoring, you can specify as many or as few sessions as you like. Additionally, Raleigh Tutoring offers in-person ACT and SAT boot camps and classes.