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Technology plays a key role in how our students learn and grow.

Our technology team collaborates with educators to enhance lessons through a variety of interactive tools. 


of repairs are
completed in house


Lenovo Partnership

Every student receives a Lenovo laptop through our 1:1 program. New students participate in an academic onboarding session to learn how to navigate the available classroom tools and proactively care for the hardware.

What we provide

  • 4 year warranty while attending Gibbons
  • Insurance on all school-issued laptops
  • In-house tech support

Onsite Lenovo Repair Center

Students can access our technology help desk throughout the school day by visiting our in-person help desk or submitting a ticket.

The majority of our repairs are completed in house, often on the same day. 

Our team strives to help students be proactive, giving them the resources to troubleshoot issues quickly and efficiently. 

Submit a ticket

STARS program

Our STARS (Student Technology Assistance Resource) program gives students the opportunity to work alongside an educator mentor and learn the ins and outs of repairing computers. They learn how to replace everything from a screen to a main logic board. 

Through the program, students can earn Lenovo repair certification.

Technology in the Classroom

Our classrooms are equipped with the latest technology, providing our educators with a variety of options for delivering engaging lessons. 

Login Support

Our team provides login support for students, educators, and parents to ensure our entire community has access to the tools they need.

Technology Team

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Rodolfo Argueta

Rodolfo Argueta

AV & Classroom Tech Support Specialist
Lisa Norman

Lisa Norman

Data Systems Coordinator & Admin Assist
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Laptop Stewardship

Laptop Stewardship
Our History

Cardinal Gibbons High School became a 1:1 laptop school in 2014. All Gibbons-issued laptops are covered by a warranty and insurance policy for the four years the laptop attends Gibbons. The majority of repairs are serviced through our onsite Lenovo Repair Center. Depending on Lenovo parts availability, repairs are often completed on the same day. 


The Gibbons 1:1 laptop experience is a joint stewardship model for laptop hardware care. All families must partner with us to ensure the devices are performing optimally. Please report all damaged laptops to the Technology Team so that we can begin the repair process. 

Laptops with user-induced damage will be assessed a maximum fee of $250 per incident. Families are charged the cost of the parts replaced and are not assessed a labor fee. If a laptop is determined to have a defective part, there will not be a fee for the repair. 

STARs (Student Technology Assistance Resource)

The STARS program is Cardinal Gibbons' unique, student-led IT support club.

Over our years of experience, STARS has developed and continues to refine our processes to ensure the best and fastest available service to our students and educators. 

Many dedicated students give their time and talent to help their peers with computer issues, big and small. Thanks to our status as a Lenovo-certified repair center, we are able to allow our students to work on their peers' laptops, replacing everything from a screen to the main logic board. 

Thanks to our students working at the STARS desk, located just outside the library before school, after school, and during lunch/flex periods, we can offer instant support to all students whenever they need computer help at school.