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Enrollment Steps Videos

In this video series, we will guide you through the steps of the Gibbons Enrollment process. Begin with the first video "The Steps from Acceptance to Enrollment". 

Academic Department Overviews for Rising Grade 9

These webinar videos provide an overview of each academic department at Cardinal Gibbons, and is intended for rising Grade 9 students (and transfer students, where applicable). 

Please note: All webinars were recorded in October of 2020 with information for the 2021-2022 school year. Some specifics may have changed but these videos still provide useful context and guidance.

Due to COVID restrictions on in-person gathering at the time of recording, Cardinal Gibbons educators hosted a number of Zoom webinars to help students and families prepare for enrollment and course registration at Gibbons.

Course of Studies PDF

First page of the PDF file: CourseofStudies-2021-2022-Finalwithcover_v4

Course Pathways 2022-2023

This Google Slides presentation reflects the changes to the department course pathways for the Course of Studies for 2022-2023.

You can pause the presentation, and click to any page, by using the controls at the bottom of the slideshow.