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Tuition policy

Tuition policy

Intent to re-enroll must be completed by February 1. (Incoming freshmen receive this form in their admissions letter in March.) 

If paying in a single installment, full tuition is due by June 5. Tuition payments may be made by check or bank transfer (ACH). 

If full tuition is not paid by June 5, establishing a FACTS payment account is mandatory to cover all outstanding tuition amounts. Payment schedules and payment options are outlined each year on the school website. You may also be responsible for any reasonable costs, including attorney fees, incurred in collecting any tuition and/or fees that remain unpaid at the end of the year. 

Regardless of the payment plan selected, tuition for all classes must be paid by May 20 each academic school year. For seniors who will be graduating, failure to meet the above deadline will result in the withholding of your student’s diploma at graduation and the release of a final transcript. 

For underclassmen, failure to meet the above deadline may jeopardize re-enrollment for the next school year. During the course of the school year, family circumstances may change. Please contact the Business Office to communicate any such occurrences and make the necessary arrangements. 

The school reserves the right to use and enforce all legal remedies for failure to abide by the aforementioned standards. It may also preclude the admission of otherwise qualified candidates from the same family.  

Refund policy

The annual enrollment fee is not refundable. Exceptions will be evaluated only in extenuating circumstances.

The school has the right to dismiss the student if academic and/or discipline guidelines are not upheld. The school has the right to withhold schedules, grades, transcripts, and diplomas if financial commitments are not met. In extreme cases, where financial commitments are not kept current or are ignored, the student may not be allowed to attend classes or to take final exams until all payments are received. 

No student will be allowed to begin classes in a new school year until any remaining prior years/current year tuition has been paid in full or a payment plan has been established via the FACTS tuition management program. 

If for any reason, cancellation is necessary, or if the student is dismissed by the school, Cardinal Gibbons will have no obligation to refund any tuition or fees paid for any reason unless written notice of withdrawal is made to the Head of School according to the following schedule: 

If enrollment is canceled... 


on or before Aug. 2     

Enrollment fee and a $1,500 fee

between Aug. 2 and Nov. 22   

 First semester tuition 

after Nov. 22   

Full-year tuition