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Cardinal Gibbons understands that a Catholic education is a sacrificial commitment as well as a significant investment in your child’s future. The heart of the Cardinal Gibbons mission is to provide a Catholic, college preparatory education to young men and women of all economic backgrounds.

Tuition Rates (2022-2023) 

Catholic Parish Affiliated:  $12,290 per student
Non-Affiliated: $16,700 per student 

EXPLORE Financial Aid options 

Student Fees (2022-2023) 

Annual Student Fee: $1,000 per student
New Student Capital Fee: $1,000 per student assessed first year only ($500 for each subsequent sibling)

The Annual Student Fee covers:

  • Use of a school issued laptop & support
  • Microsoft Office installed on computer
  • Virus protection, software licenses & digital subscriptions
  • Local network access to shared & personal files & printers
  • Digital storage on campus
  • Student activities (i.e. graduation, clubs, transportation)
  • Textbooks & classroom supplies including fine arts and science resources
  • Warranty and insurance on laptop
  • Yearbook & other publications

The New Student Capital Fee is used to fund capital projects and facility maintenance on campus.

Parish Affiliation 

The tuition rate charged to a family is determined by their affiliation status within the parish to which they are registered. It is the family’s responsibility to submit a Parish Affiliation Form annually to the parish office for approval.

The parish will notify the Business Office if a family qualifies for the affiliated tuition rate for that year.  

Deadline: Dec. 31​​​​​

All Families must ensure they submit the parish affiliation form to their parish office in enough time for the parish to notify the Business Office if the family qualifies. Parents should contact their own parish to confirm this timeline. December is a very busy month in the liturgical calendar so forms may need to be submitted in October.

Please note, if approval from the parish is not received by the Business Office by Dec. 31, the fees for the school year 2023-2024 will be at the non-affiliated rate for both new and re-enrolling students. 

Download the Parish Affiliation Form

Tuition Payment Options

Cardinal Gibbons uses FACTS Tuition Management to allow you to select a payment option that best suits your financial needs. We offer several payment plans with payments beginning in June. Accepted payment methods are automatic bank draft and credit card.