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Ensemble Retreat

A theatrical production's true success is measured by the strength, commitment and bond of its  ensemble:  the cast, production team and educators.  Gibbons Drama Ensemble Retreat is all about what its name implies-building a supportive, fearless, and joy-filled community.

The retreat is chance to step away from the inside--of our heads, of our established cliques, of a dark theater--and head outside (literally!)--and focus on furthering trust and developing new relationships. 

The Ensemble Retreat is open to all students currently enrolled in Gibbons Drama classes as well as any student who has worked on a Gibbons Drama production or project in the past--or would like to work on one in the future.

Being a part of Gibbons Drama means much more than rehearsing, creating and performing. It means learning to be a leader within the classroom and in the Gibbons school community, acting as a role model to peers and younger students, challenging ourselves and each other to become young men and women of strength and character, and recognizing the unique gifts that God has given us.

Ensemble 19 Shenanigans

We are an ensemble-driven community of creative leaders
who embrace and share our gifts to glorify God through the art of theater.