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Visual Arts

Virtual AP Art Exhibit

AP Art students are honored to present their work in the following special, virtual, immersive and interactive galleries, provided by Exhibbit.

These galleries show our student artists' work in virtual galleries worthy of the time, talent and energy these incredibly talented students invested in expressing their creative selves.

Please "stroll" around and enjoy these fantastic pieces of art! These galleries are best viewed on a large TV or monitor and please be patient with the loading of the gallery, and each piece of art, as you virtually "walk around" (that is, click through with your mouse).

If you prefer to view the galleries on your mobile device, you will need to download the Exhibbit app, but either way, it's very much worth your time to get the galleries working to view these works of art in a digital gallery worthy of them.

If you have any technical issues viewing any of the pages or galleries, please contact Mr. Dan Jukic, gallery tech support.

Virtual Gallery Lobby

AP Drawing

Click the image to go to the virtual gallery.

AP 2-D Art and Design

Click the image to go to the virtual gallery page.

AP 3-D Art and Design

Click the image to go to the virtual gallery page.

Advanced Clay, AP Drawing,
AP 2-D and AP 3-D Art and Design

Click the image to go to the virtual gallery page.

Students are encouraged to express themselves in many different types of media including: drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, pottery, digital, sequential, art history and more. They are introduced to the fundamental concepts of the creative process and encouraged to utilize critical thinking skills and engage in creative problem-solving to find visual solutions to given assignments. In addition to daily classroom experiences, students participate in clubs, community events and exhibits. Students have prepared portfolios and been accepted to RISD, NCSU College of Design, Pratt, Parsons, SCAD, ECU, and many more schools.

Visual Arts Twitter

Art students visiting the Scholastic Art Award Exhibit

AP Art Exhibit


AP 3-D Design


Gibbons Art Club students chalking at ARTSPARK in downtown Raleigh

Gibbons graduates visited the AP Art classes to discuss their experiences at NCSU College of Design and SCAD.

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