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Athletic Transportation Consent

Alternative Transportation to Contests

For families looking to provide parent transportation to and from athletic contests, we have a Transportation Consent form in Final Forms for parents to sign that authorizes Alternative Transportation Consent in limited cases. The consent form can be completed for an entire sports season.

  • With consent, students who drive themselves to school may drive themselves to and from an athletic contest. Students may not drive another teammate.
  • With consent authorization, parents may drive their own son/daughter to and from an athletic contest.
  • With consent authorization, parents driving their own son/daughter to a contest, may also drive up to 1 additional teammate. Per NCHSAA Covid guidance, masks should be worn in the vehicle.

Video Tutorial

The following video shows how parents may access the Alternative Transportation Consent form in FinalForms AND how to upload the completed form into your document folder in FinalForms. Click here to access FinalForms.

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