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  • The new school year starts in FinalForms on June 1st. All returning student-athletes must verify forms and register for sports each year in FinalForms.
  • All Returning families are required to login to FinalForms and:
    1. ​​​​​​​Verify existing information and sign each form. Both Parent and Student must sign forms each year.
    2. Upload a new physical (if expired).
    3. Register for sports by clicking +ADD SPORT. This is critical for building rosters and for coaches to be able to communicate with all prospective student-athletes.

Steps for ALL Families (including students not participating in athletics)

1.      Complete Forms / Upload Immunization & Physical. All students are required to complete basic medical history forms and Outreach Permission forms. Student-athletes will be required to complete ALL forms after June 1. All students are required to upload Immunization records and Physical.

  • Click on "Update Forms" to complete forms as appropriate. Information for Returning Students is pre-populated. Please verify that info is accurate & sign forms.
  • Click on Document folder to upload Immunization record and new Physical. Upload as separate documents or images. Sports Physicals are valid for 395 days. You will receive automated alerts starting 60 days prior to expiration. New physical forms are available for download on the PPE form in FinalForms.


*** Additional Instructions for STUDENT-ATHLETES ***

1.     REGISTER FOR TEAMS. Register your student-athlete for any teams he/she plans to tryout for. Available sports are filtered by gender. Click +Add Sports, Select sport(s) by season and click Update Sports to finish. 


2.     Complete Forms. Scan or take a photo of your child’s pre-participation physical and upload it to the Documents section of FinalForms. Parents (and student-athletes) must complete all forms to be eligible for sports participation. New students CAN participate in optional Summer workouts BEFORE completing all student forms, as long as a valid physical is uploaded.

  • Green = form complete
  • Yellow = partially complete. Either Parent or Student has completed for. Both must complete.
  • Red = incomplete.

3.     BOOKMARK the FinalForms website for future reference.


  1. Where do I get a physical form? The required NCHSAA pre-participation physical is available for download within FinalForms. See the NCHSAA PPE Physical (for Physicians) page.

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