Tryout Registration

Register for Tryouts & Manage Physicals

Enroll & maintain athlete eligibility with Appryse. Keep medical history info and participation physicals up-to-date online.

All student-athletes are required to enroll with Appryse to participate in athletics, including club sports and activities. Registration is valid for a single school year. Enrollment must be re-activated at the start of each school year.

Important notes:

  1. Rising 9th graders should wait until June 1st to create an Appryse account. On June 1st, we start the new school year for 2017-18.
  2. Physicals forms can only be downloaded after creating your account & finishing the enrollment process.
  3. Physicals should be uploaded to Appryse, or emailed to Do not turn physicals in to coaches or the school.

Tryout Information

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