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Enroll & maintain athlete eligibility with FinalForms.

  • Keep medical history info and pre-participation physicals up-to-date online
  • Register for Sports Tryouts
  • Update and electronically sign all required medical treatment authorizations, concussion safety forms, insurance info & transportation waivers.

All student-athletes are required to enroll with FinalForms and complete all forms to participate in athletics, including club sports and activities. 


FinalForms Parent Playbook
NCHSAA Pre-Participation Physical



1.     Do we still need to register with Appryse? No, FinalForms will replace Appryse. You may still access your existing data in Appryse for a limited period of time if you need something.

2.     Where do I get a physical form? The required NCHSAA pre-participation physical is available for download within FinalForms. It is also attached to this email. You can still use existing middle school or Appryse physicals if the date is still valid.

3.     I had a physical uploaded to Appryse, but can’t find it. We downloaded backup copies of all physicals in Appryse at the end of the 2018-19 school year. If you don’t see it linked to your account by the end of July, send a note to and we’ll look into it.



Tryout Information

Fall Sports Registration & Tryout Info

Information about 2019 Fall Sports registration, tryouts and practices. 

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Register with FinalForms to get your student-athlete cleared to play.

>> Download / Upload Pre-Participation Physicals

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