Many Hands

Sitting in the Main Lobby on Friday of Spirit Week is to be amazed and overwhelmed by a whirlwind of activity and the many leaders and volunteers getting ready for an exciting start to Homecoming Weekend.  There is a palpable excitement and energy in the air, and the complexity of so many large events, all hosted within the span of a few hours, is enough to make your head spin.  What I’m thinking about today, is the remarkable and generous spirit of those who make today possible.

Sports as a Ministry

Cardinal Gibbons provides meaningful participation opportunities for all students, with offerings ranging from recreational intramurals to championship-caliber competition for college-bound athletes. At all levels, we strive to make athletics a formational experience for students and parents. Our program is about more than winning championships. Our success is measured by how well our programs further the mission of our school and how we choose to use the talents and gifts that we have been blessed to receive.

By the numbers Infographic

Athletics Staff

Todd Schuler

Director of Athletics

Dean Monroe

Director of Athletic Leadership/Legacy

David Mills

Athletic Trainer, Athletic Trainer

Chris Morland

Educator - Strength and Conditioning, HPE Teacher, Director of Assistantship Program

Bill Liedy

Educator - Health and PE, Department Chair - HPE, Associate Head Coach- Varsity Football, Health/PE

Alex Bass

Sports Information Director

Anthoni Wedderburn

Athletic Trainer