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Please play in class and in Advisory.

GNN Broadcasts should be reviewed as needed early in the current week. The second or third broadcast each week will look forward and overlap with the upcoming weeks.

THIS IS GNN. Join us!

GNN is a co-curricular club which exists to help Gibbons students connect with all the information they need about what's happening at Gibbons. The goal is to have students create and broadcast digital content; in short, GNN is intended to be for students, by students.

GNN consists of Correspondents who gather information and create digital content like Google Slides, posters and more, and Broadcasters, who appear on camera and in voiceover.
GNN Broadcasts began on September 30 and we are planning at least one video broadcast most weeks.
NEW FOR 2021-2022
GNN video broadcasts are replacing PA voice-only broadcasts, beginning on Wednesday, October 27, 2021. Advisories are asked to play the GNN broadcasts to help students connect with what's happening at Gibbons.


Mr. Stewart Aull, Fine Arts educator and GNN moderator (technical director).

Mr. Kevin Ferguson, Fine Arts Department Head and GNN moderator (creative director).

Contact Mr. Dan Jukic, Digital Media Coordinator and GNN moderator (content director) to get involved.

Mr. Mike Rogosich, Assistant Principal for Community Life - administrator.

Upcoming Events

All groups on campus can submit Upcoming Events to be displayed here and on digital signage all around campus. These events are broadcast in the school via a recorded livestream video.

ICYMI - May 2022 Events

In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), we show all the Upcoming Events that were displayed here and on digital signage all around campus. Upcoming Events are broadcast via a recorded livestream video.

ICYMI Archive