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    We call them co-curriculars, not extracurriculars, because they're not "extra", at all. The co-curricular experience is not an add-on to the Gibbons experience. Co-curriculars are as much a vital part of our mission as an English paper, a science lab or a retreat.

    Think back to your high school experience -- what do you remember most clearly? I's probably the people, not the events, that first come to mind.

    Your fondest memories, your most formative experiences, probably weren't in a traditional classroom, either. They were most likely made while performing at Coffee House Club, learning to surf on a Surf Club trip to the beach, building a Mars Rover in Robotics Club, or maybe even all three.

    Maybe you didn't have those things at your high school, but here at Gibbons, we do. 

    We call them co-curriculars.