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iCube Field Trip -- Kane Realty Field Trip - Tues., Oct. 22, 3:00-4:15pm

We're going to Kane Realty of North Hills to meet the Directors of Operations and Marketing to hear about how Kane Realty built, leased, and basically transformed North Hills into the power-center it is today!

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    Come Cube with Us!

    What is iCube?

    iCube is a co-curricular organization open to all Gibbons students who are interested in business and entrepreneurship.

    Why should I participate in iCube?

    iCube was created out of the realization that many students may not have exposure to business and entrepreneurship.

    The intent of the club under the Business Alliance program is to provide information and coaching about entrepreneurship and business, such that students understand what it takes to create and grow a business, and what is possible in their lives out of doing so.

    How can I get involved in iCube?

    Students focus on business and entrepreneurship by getting involved in iCube programs which include: Start-up projects, stock market project, "shark tank" experience, field trips, speaker program, resume/professional skills workshops, summer internships, personal finance seminar, and marketing communication services to Gibbons clubs and groups.

    Alumni participate in the Cube

    Alumni who participate in iCube create an opportunity for themselves to truly make a difference in the lives of Gibbons students.

    Out of sharing their experiences, they inspire students and show them opportunities in a world that goes beyond what they otherwise might have seen as possible for themselves.

    In addition, we request participation in an annual meeting of the alumni who participate in the club, which lasts about two hours.

    This meeting is an opportunity for the alumni who participate to get together, discuss their experiences with the club, and determine what actions should be taken over the next year to have the club fulfill on its intention as effectively as possible.

    Please submit your [disabled link] Alumni Participation form to begin.

    Internship Opportunities

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    Field Trip Opportunities

    Print permission form to attend upcoming field trip on Tuesday, Oct. 25 (3:15-4:14) to Capstrat, a major marketing communications company in Raleigh. Return completed permission to Mrs. Ellen Kunkel in front office.

    Contact us

    Jim Baker is the club's mentor, parent of four Gibbons alumni, as well as a successful entrepreneur/businessman. Jim has 27 plus years of owning and managing a CRO and functional services company specializing in Oncology. Grew ASG and then Ockham to a $50,000,000.00 USD CRO that was sold to Chiltern International in July 2014. Experienced in acquiring and selling companies, working with investment bankers, private equity and mezzanine debt funding. In addition has vast experience in business branding and managing and leading people. Having left Chiltern in September 2014 and starting Sumus Development Group, Sumus is poised to provide advisory services to CEO's and companies looking for an Advisory Board member, enhancing value in their business or solving a business problem. For more information, please contact Jim at or (919) 345-0202.