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Dress Code

Students attending Cardinal Gibbons High School are expected to be appropriately dressed to learn. A student’s attire should reflect the Christian values of modesty* and respect for the individual person and the school community at all times both on campus and at all school-sponsored activities and events. 

Questions about this policy or the appropriateness of an item of clothing should be directed to the Deans of Students. 

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We partner with Land’s End to offer uniform options for our families. Uniforms can also be purchased from other stores provided they are similar in style to the Land’s End options. 

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*Modesty: Skirts and shorts should hit students at mid-thigh or lower. Clothing should adequately cover undergarments while standing, sitting, walking, or participating in day-to-day activities. Skirts/shorts must be clearly visible below a shirt/sweatshirt. Shirts should be long enough that they adequately cover a student’s midsection. 

Dress Code Violations

Students who violate the dress code may be subject to disciplinary action. Cardinal Gibbons determines the appropriateness of clothing worn on campus and may ask a student or guest to change or leave campus.

Students must arrive dressed for school and should be in dress code during their Flex Period.

Dress code violations will be indicated as DRESS for a student’s attendance that day. DRESS will NOT add to the absence or tardy tally. Most infractions are easily addressed and will not require a student to leave campus to change. Students out of the dress code may be given appropriate attire to borrow for the remainder of the day.

The goal is for students to be present for learning and not miss instructional time.  Please contact the Deans of Students with questions about this process. Our attendance office can provide the specific dress code infraction if a parent requests it. 

Dress Code Violations

  • 1st Violation: notification of DRESS for attendance and verbal Warning from an educator.
  • 2nd Violation: notification of DRESS for attendance and educator email to parents.
  • 3rd Violation: notification of DRESS for attendance and after-school detention
  • 4th Violation: notification of DRESS for attendance and meeting with Dean of Students, Parent, and Student, possible escalated disciplinary action.