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Freshman Focus

Freshman Focus offers rising Gibbons freshmen help preparing for the academic rigors of high school.

  • Three-day seminar (1/2 days)
  • Nine study skill sessions taught by Gibbons educators and students
  • Learn strategies and practice that can help students achieve academic success
  • Topics cover note-taking, study skills & many more
  • Meet fellow students and become familiar with our campus before school starts.

Freshman Focus 2019
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Junior Focus

Junior year brings more academic challenges and demands greater personal ownership for work and communication. Junior Focus helps rising juniors put these stressors into perspective.

  • A half-day seminar
  • Taught by Gibbons educators and rising senior students
  • Laid-back discussions and hand-on practice
  • Review time-management and stress reducing tips, techniques for prioritizing responsibilities, and ways to communicate more effectively with teachers.
  • Feel more equipped to start this tough year.



Sophomore Focus

Sophomore Focus helps rising sophomores prepare for increased expectations and tougher classes.

  • A half-day seminar
  • Hands-on, interactive, fun activities
  • Practical sessions cover efficient study skills, effective strategies for successful group work, and smarter approaches to critical thinking and problem-solving
  • Meet some sophomore year Gibbons educators and hear from rising juniors who just completed sophomore year.


Senior Focus

Senior Focus offers rising seniors applicable skills to tackle college applications and deadlines, college-like classes and potential distractions in senior year.

  • A half-day seminar
  • Taught by Gibbons educators and alumni
  • Offers perspectives on the ups and downs of senior year, organizational tips for college applications, practice interviews, and life skills needed to be ready for college life.
  • Relaxed seminar with lots of time to ask questions, get personal feedback and prepare, plan and even begin college applications before the school year ramps up.

Senior Focus 2019
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The History

  • In 2010, we launched Freshman Focus. Participants said it not only helped students acclimate to Gibbons, but, more importantly, helped them be well-prepared for freshman year academic demands.
  • We learned that tips are best from teachers and students that live it every day: Our own Gibbons Educators and students.
  • So, we figured, if this information was useful to freshman, what about sophomores, juniors and seniors? What if every student could learn from the experiences of others and get some advice before the year starts? Wouldn’t s/he be better able to tackle the coming academic year? The answer was a resounding “YES”.
  • Sophomore, Junior and Senior Focus Programs launched in 2014 and have been growing ever since.

Why Focus?

Focus programs are an opportunity to gain perspective and useful tools. Every grade has unique challenges; things students say, “If only I had known. . ..” about.

We want students to know those things. We want them to have a vision of the upcoming year that will foster success and offer tools to make the most of every opportunity.


Freshman Focus

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday before each school year starts


Sophomore, Junior & Senior Focus

Friday before each school year starts

9:00am – 12:00pm

Student Volunteers

Want to volunteer for Freshman Focus 2019? 

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Feel Free to contact us:

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Junior Focus
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