Halloween 2018

Halloween 2017

Costumes of Halloweens Past

Halloween Information


  • Fill out a form in the school store
  • Cost:
    • week before: 25 cents
    • 2 days before: $1
    • day before: $5
    • day of: not possible. aka, too late. work on next year's. Aka, you snooze, you lose.
  • pay one dollar in the school store and you get a wristband. The money goes to Catholic Parish Outreach
  • dress up and wear your wristband


As a community, we dress up, have fun, and show our creativity. Like all things that are great at our school, we do this in line with the mission of our school, so keep the following in mind.

    • the mission of our school
    • Something you wear at night might be great, but here in class it may seem weird or off putting
    • Examples: Hobo? Here at Gibbons, we help the less fortunate, not jest at them. The Joker? Are you a little too terrifying?
    • No weapons, fake or real.
    • Shorts and skirts must be no higher than three inches above the knees
    • You can wear spandex/leggings/ yoga pants as long as your shorts/skirt/dress is no more than three inches above your knees
    • No cross dressing
    • You can’t use this simply as a dress down day—that’s not the spirit of Halloween. You wouldn’t get candy at my door.
    • please understand that your outfit’s approval is at the discretion of the administration.
    • If you have any questions about your outfit, you can always speak to Mr. Rogosich about it in advance or stop by the Student Council table in the cafeteria during lunch the week before we dress up.

Categories for prizes

1.Best Overall

2.Best group

3.Most Original

4.Best Pun

5.Best performance

6.Best animals

7.Best large group

8.Best Faculty/Staff


At the end of first period, during announcements, you will be instructed to go outside to the front of the school. Everyone dressed up for Halloween will walk clockwise around the Campus Green and through the Piazza. The judges’ table will be centrally located in the piazza so please make sure they see you. Students can view the participants by standing outside.

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