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Senior Sendoff

Schedule of Events

Senior Sendoff 2020 will feature a series of virtual events and surprises to celebrate the Class of 2020, beginning on Monday, May 18.

Friday - Lasting Legacy


Cardinal Gibbons High School today announces two gifts to the Class of 2020. Through art and nature both gifts celebrate the experience and achievements of the Class of 2020.

Resilience. Confidence. Beauty. Leadership. The Class of 2020 has displayed all these qualities since they began together four years ago, and they will continue to impact their alma mater, despite the uncertainty that surrounds us all today.

Let these gifts be a reminder that the Class of 2020's commencement is just the beginning of the impact they will have on Gibbons, and on the world. These students are not just one piece of the Gibbons puzzle, they are 379 pieces. Together, they are the first piece in the next chapter in the long and storied history of our school.


379 Daffodils

Cardinal Gibbons celebrates the Class of 2020 with the installation of 379 daffodil bulbs, one for each graduate, planted to commemorate the class that had an interrupted senior year. Planting will take place this fall, in anticipation of a spring bloom, naturally timed to coincide with the historic events impacting the graduating class. A symbol of resiliency and rebirth, daffodils undergo a process called naturalization, meaning the flowers spread and multiply. These 379 bulbs represent the exponential influence of the Class of 2020 as they live out their commitment to faith, service, and leadership in the communities in which they learn, live, work, and serve. 

Puzzle Art Piece

The second meaningful commemoration for the class of 2020 will be a piece of custom artwork to be shared on campus. This framed art, in the likeness of the Gibbons spirit logo, will take the form of a puzzle, representing the class as a whole. Each puzzle piece, personalized with a name of each member of the graduating class, is a reminder that their education, though interrupted, was whole. In addition, this symbolism directly reflects the inherent Cardinal Gibbons and Catholic belief in the beauty and necessity of working together for something larger than oneself.  Even after leaving Edwards Mill Road, each piece of the Gibbons community continues to make our mission whole!

Thursday - Student Recognition Presentation

Today, beginning at 3 p.m., we honor all students, especially from the Class of 2020, for their achievement in co-curricular activities, spiritual life, and academic awards. View the presentation and honorees on the Student Recognition Presentation webpage.

Wednesday - Senior Farewell Video

Gibbons Educators shared special video messages for our graduating seniors and Class of 2020 parents submitted some of their favorite photos of their students for this special video. 

Video by Alex Jenny '22 and Ms. Jeni Harrison, Fine Arts educator. 

Tuesday - Virtual AP Art Exhibit

A slide with text about the Virtual AP Art Exhibit with link and hashtag.

Today, Tuesday, May 19, we feature the beautiful work of our AP Art students for the first-ever Virtual AP Art Exhibit in honor of #cgSeniorSendoff20.

Student work is displayed in four different online galleries, through which guests can virtually wander at

Monday - Educator Senior Supper Photos

Senior Supper started two years ago as a way for educators to serve our seniors and to share a special evening together before graduation festivities begin. Today would have been the Class of 2020's Senior Supper celebration.

Enclosed in this slideshow are photos of educators when they were seniors as well as a quote of their choice. These would have been on the menu cards on the tables tonight. It is a reminder to our seniors that all of us educators were once seniors, too, and even though we can’t be together tonight, we hope to be a reminder of the love that we all share for the Class of 2020 and to offer hope of what is to come in the future.

We love our seniors!