Spirit Week


Flyer Spirit Week 2018



Monday: My Team MondayWhat’s your team?  What’s your sport?  Dress in your favorite team’s jersey or shirt, or go all out—season ticket holders, popcorn venders, hockey masks and pads.

Tuesday:  Tropical Tuesday:  All tourists welcome to see the creatures from the sea! Dress up in a Hawaiian shirt and fanny packs, or as your favorite fish. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen.

Wednesday: Whimsical Wednesday:   Disney, Nickelodeon, Pixar, DreamWorks characters welcome. Dress up as your favorite princess or monster! You could wear your Chewbacca onesie or go all out and transform into Mickey Mouse.

Thursday: Throwback Thursday A blast from the past! Join us as we travel back

in time to the best styles in history. Suggested decades

Freshmen:  70s’s Disco! Long Fun Pants, Bright Colors, Tye Dye.

Sophomores: 60’s !! Polka Dots, Hippies, Peace and Love.

Juniors: 80’s Big Hair Don’t Care, Shoulder Pads are welcome. There’s no such thing

            as too few legwarmers.  Miami Vice and Alf.

Seniors 90’s  Flannel, Clap, clap, clap clap Monica and Chandler!!

Educators: 1950’s Pony Boy Outsider, Pink Ladies.


Friday:  Green Out Gibbons:  All Green, all Gibbons, all the time.

**For all Spirit Week days, remember to keep modesty and the school environment in mind.  No yoga pants or legging pants.   No shorts of skirts more than three inches above the knee.   Nike shorts over leggings doesn’t fly.  No bare shoulders for guys or girls.  Hats are ok if they’re part of your costume. Please no fake weapons even as part of an outfit.



Homecoming Court

At Gibbons all students allowed to vote for the 4 juniors and 10 seniors who will be on the Homecoming Court of Honor who will be showcased at halftime of the Homecoming football game.

The king and queen are selected in the following manner.  A committee of students interviews each senior individually and then votes on who will be the king and queen.

Song Battle


At the Pep-Rally there will be a chance for five performances from the five classes on campus—9th, 10th, 11th, 12th and Educators.  Here is how it works.

·       During the week of September 17-21st in the lobby, students and educators will decide on five songs from five genres of music (Disney, Big Hair, Modern, R & B, Boy Band).

·       On Monday September 24th, we will have a drawing where each group draws one of the songs out of the hat.

Song Battle Rules and Regulations


·       Groups must perform up to but not exceeding 90 seconds of the song.

·       Groups must select the song segment and tell the student DJ by Monday October 1st

at midnight.

·       Groups must have no less than 10 people and no more than 40.

·       Groups gender ration must not exceed 30/70

·       Groups are advised see the pep-rally schedule posted the day before the rally to know the order of the rally to determine when they are performing. Performers should get into place ONE act before and then will be cued to start.  They will be judged on timely starts.

·       Groups will have a rehearsal on September 30th at 6 p.m.  in the gym

·       Groups are judged by our alumni panel which will score on a scale of 1-100 on the following criteria.

·       Judging Criteria for performance: dance, showmanship, creativity, mission.

·       Points will be deducted by Mr. Rogosich for each time the rules are not met to the fullest



Pep-Rally Information


Practice Schedule

1st Set Up

2nd and 3rd Song Battle (skits)

4th Cheer

5th Band

6th Dance Team

7th Drum

8th free


Pep Rally – Bell Schedule

8:00                             Warning Bell

8:05 - 8:45                  Period 1 (40 min - 10 Minute Homeroom at the end)

8:50 - 9:20                  Period 2 (30)

9:25 – 9:55                  Period 3 (30)

10:00 – 10:35              Period 4 (35)

10:40 – 11:15              Period 5 (35)

11:20 – 11:55              Period 6 (35)

12:00 – 12:30              Period 7 (30)

12:35 - 1:10                Period 8 (35 min -no announcements)

1:10-2:55                     Pep Rally



Order of the Pep-Rally

1       Prayer/ Nat’l Anthem         

2       Slide Show                        

3       Cheerleaders                      

4       Field Hockey

5       Freshman Song                  

6       Football     

7       Band                                 

8       Girl’s Golf             

9       Sophomore Song    

10    Chili Challenge                  

11    Women’s Cross C.             

12    Dance Team                      

13    Men’s Cross C.                  

14    Drum Line                                                 

15    Tennis       

16    Junior Song            

17    Volleyball  

18    Educator Song                   

19    Soccer                                                                   

20    Homecoming Court

21    Senior Song


Spirit Week 2018

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