Gibbons Media is an engaging experience that allows students to cover many Gibbons' events and report back to the school community. It is an intensive opportunity allowing students to gain real world journalism experience while recording the legacy of each year. Students create podcasts, video, live feeds, and school publications using traditional pen and paper methods, software, and with state-of-the-art digital still and video cameras.

Student media work is on display on the Gibbons website, in the hallways of Gibbons, and in school publications, including the Landmark Yearbook, The Crusader newspaper and the Cardinal Gibbons High School Annual Report.


Gibbons creative video is composed of students who take the class or are involved in the creative video club. Throughout the school year creative video does live broadcasts of school sporting events; films school events such as mass and any special events at school. Creative video collaborates with other departments to create content for different social media.

Gibbons Video began streaming Gibbons events live online in 2009-2010 and expanded into a Digital Video elective in 2010-11. Digital video students created the extremely popular Bon Jovi "Livin' on a Prayer" entry to Fox 50's Lip Dub contest.

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The Crusader newspaper celebrated the tenth anniversary of its reconstitution on the Edwards Mill campus in 2011 and made history last year with the first issue to come out in August, the first Back to School Special Edition. The Crusader staff publishes content online throughout the year and in print twice a quarter.

Literary Magazine

The mission of The Repeater is to reproduce the words, the thoughts, the visions, and the dreams of the students, here, at Cardinal Gibbons. The magazine acts as a medium for the creativity of students to be shared with the larger community.

From poetry to short stories, lyrics to photography, all are welcome to submit their work to

The 2011-2012 issue of The Repeater won three awards - overall distinction, poetry, and layout - from the NC Scholastic Media Association.

The 2012-2013 issue of The Repeater won four awards - including overall distinction - from the NC Scholastic Media Association; student-writer Nick Teder '14 won an individual award for his short story, and student-artist Blair Torres '13 won for her art work.

The 2013-2014 issue of The Repeater won eight awards - including overall distinction and first place for poetry- from the NC Scholastic Media Association - student-artist Isabelle Miranda '15 won an individual award for her art work.

The 2014-2015 issue of The Repeater won nine awards, including overall distinction, from the NC Scholastic Media Association;second place for photography, and honorable mention for its cover design. Student-writer Rachel Harris '16 won an individual award for her poem, while student-photographers Nicole Howren '17 and Diego Pineda '15 won individual awards for their photography.


The yearbook staff looks forward to showcasing the best of Gibbons, in print and online, for the 2016-2017 school year.

In the fall, our staff members are busy taking pictures at all kinds of events. You can see many of us at games and activities in our Media T-Shirts; we need to take tons of pictures to make sure everyone is in the yearbook, so don't shy away from the camera!

In addition to taking pictures, the staff is busy working on all kinds of pages. Our first deadline contains all our portrait pages and once those are done, we start working on the other sections: Athletics, Spiritual Life, Academics, Fine Arts, and Student Life.

Yearbook is a class that is available to students starting in their sophomore year and students can take yearbook for three years. We work on all aspects of the publication from picture days, photographing events, interviewing students, faculty and staff and writing articles.

The yearbook is distributed to all students in early May.

Please email us with any questions you have about our program.

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Jim Ryan

Jim Ryan

Life Donors=Life Savers
Caroline Todd (Staff Writer)

The students at Cardinal Gibbons donated their blood to those in need

Academic Team Quiz Bowl Appearance
Shelley Horman

Emboldened by the sweaters - convalesced by emeritus AP Biology teacher and beloved Academic Team coordinator, Susan Goethals - the straggly band of Crusaders becomes a team.

fishing club
Connor Leff

Whether a student had never held a fishing rod before or spent everyday of their summer fishing across the country, the club was created with the goal of catering to all skill level and connecting anyone with fishing interest across the Gibbons community.

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Jim Ryan

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