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Only at Gibbons

Why We Cheer

At Family Football Night, Adam Weiland an area Catholic school 3rd grader did 14 push ups as the Crusaders scored their 14th point. When I asked senior Nelson Zimmerman (front row right) why he was cheering so adamantly for a 3rd grader he had never met, he remembered being a 7th grader visiting Gibbons and riding the green machines in the hallway and how he got sentimental thinking about it. Only at Gibbons

By the Grace of God

In 1896, Father Thomas Price was walking around an all African-American neighborhood just "outside" of Raleigh. A resident, Mrs. Pope asked him who he was and what he was doing, to which he responded that he was looking for some land to build an orphanage, a church, and a school. She asked, "What do you have?" He said, "Nothing." She asked how he was going to do it. He said, "By the grace of God and Faith." She had him over for dinner that night. From then, she worked with him and for him her whole life. So did her daughter and so did her grandson son, Floyd Pope. Three generations. By the grace of God, Father Price built the orphanage, the Cathedral and the school--which eventually moved to that same location. It is where our Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral will be. Our Diocesan chapel is named for the Pope family.

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