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Student Flex

Flex periods are intended to give students options for quiet study, collaborative study or social time on campus.

All students who remain on campus during Flex must report to one of the following focus areas. 

Students are not allowed to:

  • Hang out in an unsupervised area
  • Roam the academic wings 
  • Wander campus 
  • Hang out in cars or the parking lot 

Students may move from one focus program to another during their flex period.  

Flex Focus programs 

Academic Focus

Locations: Library and Learning Commons

Students can escape to a quiet atmosphere to study or meet with a tutor. All work in this area should be academic-based.

Social Focus

Location: Cafeteria 

Students can meet with friends, play games, and engage with one another without disturbing academic areas. Refreshments from Holy Grounds Coffee will be available for purchase during select times. Students can also check out various games and social activities provided by the supervisory educator during that time. 

Physical Focus

Location: Entrance of Fr. Price Gym 

Students can burn some energy by taking part in a supervised physical activity. Activities include ultimate frisbee, spike-ball, ping pong, and more. Students can choose to change into a PE uniform during this time and must change back to their proper school dress upon completion of the activity. 

Educator Flex Focus

Location: Varies, see Flex board outside Dean of Students’ office 

Educators are encouraged to offer engagement opportunities for students during flex. These activities are shared on the Flex board. Options include everything from writing workshops to prayer services. Students are encouraged to check our board daily to learn about upcoming events. 

Off-campus flex options

Note: Excessive tardies will result in the school revoking the privilege to leave campus during flex and/or lunch.

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