Course/Schedule Change Request Form 2019-2020

Please fill out this form completely. You may use one form for up to three course change requests. Please describe the course request change you are seeking.  We do not accept course change requests for teacher preferences.  Do not submit a course change request if you are looking to change a teacher.  We are not making any course changes where a student wants to add an AP class which had a summer assignment.  Course requests that require a waiver will be addressed as time allows - as it will require additional communication for a waiver and a change in placement.  Additionally, lunch change requests will only be honored if a student provides a doctor's note indicating a need for having lunch at a specific time of day.  All requests will be addressed in the order they are received.  All requests will be reviewed and made if possible.  Payment via credit card using this form is required for all requests.  If you have any trouble with this form, please contact the web administrator at

Do you have a complete schedule with classes that meet each semester each period?​ ​
Please list course(s) you would like to drop or change from your schedule or from your requests, in order of preference (if more than one course change is being requested).​​​​​
Please list course(s) you would like to add or change from your schedule or from your requests, in order of preference (if more than one course change is being requested).​​​​​​
Please explain reasons for change requests in detail.​​​​ Do not submit a request to change a teacher for a course. ​
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Please check to indicate that your child meets the pre-requisite requirements and that you are aware of course expectations. If the student does not meet the pre-requisite requirements for this course, the change will be reviewed by the Assistant Principal of Instruction prior to approving the change.​​​
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Course Change Request Fee

Payment = $75

You can submit up to three changes using this form. The $75 fee covers up to three(3) change requests. Do not submit multiple forms for 3 or less change requests. ​​​​​
3 changes at a time.​​​

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