Kairos 2019-2020 Dates
**All Retreats are FULL
Tuesday, May 28-Fri, May 31 
Thursday, September 19-Sunday, September 22
Sunday, October 13- Wed, October 16 (Srs. off Mon and Wed)  *Drama retreat
 Thursday, January 9-Sunday, January 12
Thursday, February 6- Sunday, February 9  *Music Festival
Thursday, March 26-Sunday, March 29
*=possible school conflict  

Kairos is a four day/three night Ignatian retreat that focuses on one's relationships with God, others and self. A mix of adult and peer talks, small groups and powerful activities that inspire the seniors to reflect on their past and prepare for the future. The word Kairos means “the Lord's time" and teaches retreatants to live in the moment.

It is great for seniors who attended other Gibbons retreats and also for those who have never been on retreat before. The commitment level is much deeper than the other grade retreats. Please see the general retreats policies page for more information before registering.

Mandatory Parent Only Meeting

In order for the team to properly prepare for this retreat, there will be a mandatory parent only meeting about a month before each retreat. All specifics about the retreat including expectations, packing list and transportation will be given out at this meeting. We ask that at least one parent or adult representative attend this meeting. Once a parent attends the meeting and the planning process begins, students may not drop off except for serious reasons. Payment cannot be refunded unless for illness or death in the family.

Contact Director of Retreats Ms. Crista Anders (canders@cghsnc.org) for more information, or see the downloadable permission forms for specifics.

We're looking forward to seeing our students on retreats!