2019-2020 Sophomore Retreat Dates

Sunday September 8-Monday September 9, 2019

Tuesday October 1-Wednesday October 2, 2019

Wednesday October 23-Thursday October 24, 2019

 Sunday November 10-Monday November 11, 2019

Wednesday March 11-Thursday March 12, 2020

 Sunday March 22-Monday March 23, 2020

“Mosaic was a great time to build friendship and leadership skills.”-Zach Steffens

“Mosaic was just a great time and we incorporated faith and fun outdoor activities.”-Alexa Cardoso

The Mosaic sophomore retreat is intended to help sophomores understand their importance and their place in all the different communities to which they belong, be it the family, school or church community.

Much like each piece of a mosaic is uniquely essential to creating the whole picture, Mosaic strives to help sophomores understand that they are uniquely created by God to fit specially into the many pictures of their lives.

Contact retreats@cghsnc.org for more information.

General Retreat Policies

Please read the following general retreat policies before registering for retreat.

Method of Payment
Payment for retreats ($75) is due via the website at time of registration. Our online registration system only accepts Visa and MasterCard. Rate includes room and board, bus transportation, and snacks during the retreat. Rate does NOT cover full retreat expenses; the school subsidizes the full cost of the retreat. If the cost is prohibitive for you, please contact Director of Retreats Mr. Tim Yelenic we do not wish cost to be the determining factor in a student’s participation.

Participation Agreement
As the parent/legal custodian of a participating student you release CGHS from any and all liabilities for personal injuries and/or any adverse conditions/circumstances resulting from a student's participation on retreat. You also authorize CGHS to initiate emergency medical attention, including contacting a parent/legal custodian, when appropriate. Please check the appropriate box on the registration form to confirm.


Cancellation Policy
Retreat cancellations greatly affect team and facilities preparations, especially as the retreat date nears. If for some reason you need to cancel, please contact Mr. Tim Yelenic 10 days prior to the retreat date. Refunds after that point will only be given for special circumstances at the discretion of the administration.