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Fine Arts

Fine Arts

Students performing in play
Students dancing on stage  in red light
Female student performing violin.
Band students performing during a football game.
Image of a female student painting.
Image of vocal music educator Aaron Brown speaking during a concert.
Female student manning the sound board during a drama rehearsal.
Studttns playing drums in concert

Experience the transformative power of dance, music, drama, and visual art.

Increase your self-confidence and learn to lead as you share your gifts with our community.

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Purchase tickets for an upcoming drama or dance show. Music concerts are free and open to the public. 

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Art builds faith

We step into the unknown. We treat each failure as a step toward success and believe that each success is a starting point to something better.

Art is leadership 

We create with others and for others. Working together, we gain the confidence to step forward and learn the value of stepping back to let others lead.

Art creates community

It engages our empathy and encourages us to see the world from other people’s perspectives, to give form and voice to those perspectives. 

Art is service

Sharing unselfishly, we seek to transport people beyond their own experience and show them something they might not otherwise see. 

Art is transformative

We find our gifts, our perspective, and our people. We keep reaching out to see more and hear more. We keep working to hone our craft. We find out who we are and what we can become.

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Fine Arts Team

Andy Hawks

Andy Hawks

Orchestra Educator
Daniel Jukic

Daniel Jukic

Chris Kemple

Chris Kemple

Visual Arts Educator
Kitty Miller

Kitty Miller

Visual Arts Educator
Emily Sartori

Emily Sartori

Drama Educator
Kathy Schwering

Kathy Schwering

Dance Educator
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