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Together, we create movement that inspires, transports, and transforms.

Student dance group
Students dancing on stage  in red light
Two students on stage dancing
Student dancing on stage in blue light
Group of students in a dance pose
Students dancing on stage  in red light
Students dancing on stage
Students dancing on stage  in red light

Our program emphasizes techniques in ballet, jazz, contemporary, modern, and musical theater.

Dance students gain skills in dance composition through learning various choreographic principles and techniques in dance-making.

As Gibbons dancers experience hands-on learning in performance and choreography, they continue to foster their leadership skills and build their artistry. 

In the Fall of 2020, the Gibbons Dance Leadership Team created a code to establish a positive culture within the program.

Styles of dance

  • Ballet
  • Jazz
  • Contemporary
  • Modern
  • Musical theater

Expert instruction

Guest teachers and choreographers instruct dance classes in the spring of each year.

Dance Culture Code

We are family

We are inclusive

We empower each other

We hold each other accountable

We are learners

We embrace a growth mindset

We are resilient

We are velvet bricks

We are artists

We are fearless

We are creative and collaborative

We embrace our unique gifts and talents as well as those of others. 

Gibbons Dancers values faith, services, and leadership.

Dance Team

Kathy Schwering

Kathy Schwering

Dance Educator
Erica Seninsky

Erica Seninsky

Dance Educator
Nikki Wadia

Nikki Wadia

Dance Educator