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Fine Arts Auditions

Fine Arts Auditions

Incoming ninth-grade students with prior experience within some Fine Art disciplines are eligible for placement in Level II classes.  

Deadline: April 3


Email Educator Stewart Aull ( to schedule an audition appointment. 

What to prepare: Students should prepare and play a piece of their own choosing. Students will also be asked to play a short musical selection provided during the audition.  

String Orchestra

Submit (share or email) a video to Strings Orchestra Director Andy Hawks (

What to prepare: Students should video record themselves playing a solo and a scale of their choosing. 

Wind Ensemble/Percussion Ensemble

Email Band Director Mark Cashin ( to schedule an audition appointment.

Vocal Ensemble

Email Vocal Music Director Aaron Brown ( to schedule an audition appointment.

What to prepare: Students will be vocalized and then participate in a short interview.


Complete the information form and submit a video audition by April 3. Videos should be submitted through Google Drive to Dance Educator Kathy Schwering at (

What to prepare: 

Each video should include

  • A brief introduction by the dancer including information about years of dance training, location/studio where he or she trained, styles of dance in which the dancer has studied, and anything else that the dancer would like for us to know about his or her goals for dance at Gibbons.
  • “Across the floor” sequences demonstrating the following dance steps: chasse, pas de bourree, grand battement (front, side, and back), pirouette, grande jete/saut de chat, and any other favorite jumps or turns. These can be done individually or in a combination - dancer’s choice.
  • 4 counts of 8 of the dancer’s favorite dance phrase or combination; students can choose any of the following styles: contemporary, modern, ballet, jazz, musical theater, or tap. This can be a phrase learned in a previous dance class or the dancer can choreograph a new phrase to share.

*Please warm up prior to videotaping your audition.