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Learning Support

Cardinal Gibbons offers learning support to our students in several ways: Curriculum Assistance, limited testing accommodations, preferential classroom seating and/or computer for all written responses.

Learning Support Presentation Slides

Learning Support Form

This form asks parents to provide the school with information about your child's learning challenges we can share with your child's teachers, counselor, and advisor each year.

We will not share it in a public format but we will share it directly with educators who work directly with you and your child.

Cardinal Gibbons High School offers three guaranteed accommodations for students with documented learning disabilities, ADHD, medical or health related diagnoses, or other documented disabilities.

Learning Support Summary Form


Students requesting any accommodations at Cardinal Gibbons High School must complete the online Application for Accommodations. Documentation to be submitted must include: 
•      a signed release of records,
•      a copy of a complete current diagnostic evaluation administered within the last three years,
•      any IEP, 504, or School Service Plan demonstrating a need for service and regular use of accommodations,
•      standardized test scores,
•      and most recent report card.
A student’s application will be reviewed after all materials are submitted to determine eligibility for accommodation.
Any student’s IEP, 504 Plan, Student Service Plan, Transitory Impairment documentation, or other medical note may not limit a student’s ability to obey school rules and complete all course requirements. As a college preparatory program, Cardinal Gibbons will not make modification to academic content. As a private institution, Cardinal Gibbons High School is not required to provide any specific special education services; however, to assist students in developing independent, life-long skills, a curriculum assistance class and limited testing accommodations are available for those who qualify. 

See the Academic Accommodations page for more

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