Student Support and Resources

Our College Counselors provide support for students during the school day for a variety of issues. Basic study skill help and support for school transition or social/emotional issues as well as being a haven for students just having a rough day are all a part of the services provided. Sometimes it is important for students and families to seek outside support from professionals. We are always happy to coordinate with outside professionals to assist a student, when necessary.


Please see a list of resources below that cover tutoring, outside counseling, and educational resources. 


Tutoring Resources

Talk to your teacher

Teachers are often the best resource for the information in class, but students often need to set up times to meet with their teacher.

Off-Campus Support:

Cardinal Gibbons High School does maintain a list of local tutoring resources and ADHD/educational coaches of which we are aware (login required to access). Generally, tutoring is done off-campus.

Policy for On-Campus Tutoring

Anyone who desires to tutor on our campus must complete an application (distributed by our Registrar’s office, please contact Kendra Burns at, have a background check performed (fee required) and attend a Safe Environment training session as mandated by the Diocese of Raleigh. Once this is completed and approved, the tutor will be contacted and be allowed to work with students on campus only during the hours of 7 a.m.-8 a.m. and 3 p.m.-7 p.m. Designated locations for tutoring during these times are restricted to the main lobby, the cafeteria and the cafeteria lobby. Tutors cannot meet with students at any other location on campus. Approved tutors will be required to have their badge visible when tutoring on our campus.

Cardinal Gibbons reserves the right to suspend or revoke the on-campus tutoring privileges at any time for any reason.

Note: It is the policy of Cardinal Gibbons High School that current educators may not be compensated for tutoring a student currently enrolled in that educator’s class.

Counseling Resources

College Counselors

Any student who has a particular social/emotional need can see any of our College Counselors. Students often see their assigned counselor for support. We are able to guide and support students through many issues, however; ongoing issues may require outside professional support. We are happy to partner with a professional to support a student's success.

Outside Counseling Resources

We do maintain a list of counselors for students and/or families (login required). It is not an exhaustive list, but can be a great initial reference.

We also maintain resources to help students and families deal with grief and/or loss due to suicide (login required).




Educational Testing Resources

Should a learning weakness raise questions about a possible learning disability or updated testing is needed for a previously diagnosed learning disability, psychoeducational testing may be needed. We maintain a list of some educational testing resources in our area, many who have worked with our students. (login required)

Note: If there is a need to seek accommodations on College Board (PSAT/SAT/AP) tests or ACT, a full psychoeducational evaluation is often required.