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CGHS Courses

Placement, registration and course option information can be found in the CGHS Course of Studies as well as on our Course Registration Page.
Current students in the Classes of 2020, 2021 and 2022 will attend information meetings on February 5, 2019.

Business Courses

  1. Technology Skills
  2. Accounting/ Business Ethics Honors
  3. Marketing and Financing Honors

Computer Science

  1. IT Essentials
  2. CCNA Honors
  3. Advanced CCNA Honors
  4. Intro to Computer Programming
  5. AP Computer Science A
  6. Intro to Engineering and Design
  7. Principles of Engineering Honors
  8. Design and Development
  9. STAR


  1. English 9 and English 9 Honors
  2. English 10 and English 10 Honors
  3. English 11 and English 11 Honors
  4. English 12 and English 12 Honors
  5. AP English Language and Composition
  6. AP English Literature and Composition
  7. Introduction to Film and Introduction to Film Honors
  8. Creative Writing: Poetry and Fiction
  9. Creative Writing: Screenwriting and Nonfiction



  1. Tech Theatre I and Tech Theatre I Honors
  2. Tech Theatre II and Tech Theatre II Honors
  3. Tech Theatre III and Tech Theatre III Honors
  4. Tech Theater IV and Tech Theater IV Honors
  5. Drama I and Drama I Honors
  6. Drama II and Drama II Honors
  7. Drama III Honors
  8. Musical Theater Workshop Honors I and II
  9. Drama IV Honors
  10. Art I and Art I Honors
  11. Art II and Art II Honors
  12. Photography and Photography Honors
  13. Introduction to Clay and Introduction to Clay Honors
  14. AP Art History
  15. AP Art Drawing
  16. AP Art 2D Design
  17. AP Art 3D Design
  18. Introduction to Sequential Art and Introduction to Sequential Art Honors
  19. Sequential Art II and Sequential Art II Honors
  20. Introduction to Computer Modeling and Introduction to Computer Modeling Honors
  21. Beginning Strings and Beginning Strings Honors
  22. Intermediate Strings and Intermediate Strings Honors
  23. Advanced Strings and Advanced Strings Honors
  24. Guitar I and Guitar I Honors
  25. Guitar II and Guitar II Honors
  26. Guitar III/IV and Guitar III/IV Honors
  27. Guitar III, IV, V Performance and Guitar III, IV, V Performance Honors
  28. Symphonic Band and Symphonic Band Honors
  29. Wind Ensemble and Wind Ensemble Honors
  30. AP Music Theory
  31. Percussion I and Percussion I Honors
  32. Percussion II and Percussion II Honors
  33. Percussion III and Percussion III Honors
  34. Percussion IV Honors
  35. Percussion V Honors
  36. Percussion w/Band and Percussion w/Band Honors
  37. Dance I and Dance I Honors
  38. Dance II and Dance II Honors
  39. Dance III and Dance III Honors
  40. Dance IV Honors
  41. Dance V Honors
  42. Men's Choral Ensemble and Men's Choral Ensemble Honors
  43. Women's Choral Ensemble and Women's Choral Ensemble Honors
  44. Mixed Choral Ensemble and Mixed Choral Ensemble Honors

Health and PE

  1. PE and Health
  2. Strength and Conditioning I (Honors Option)
  3. Strength and Conditioning II (Honors Option)
  4. Strength and Conditioning III (Honors Option)
  5. Athletic Training


  1. Math I and Essential Math I
  2. Essential Math II, Math II, Math II Honors
  3. Essential Math III, Math III and Math III Honors
  4. Advanced Functions & Modeling and Advanced Functions & Modeling Honors
  5. Discrete Math
  6. Introduction to College Math, Pre-Calculus and Pre-Calculus Honors
  7. Calculus Honors
  8. AP Calculus AB
  9. AP Calculus BC
  10. Multivariable Calculus
  11. Differential Equations
  12. AP Statistics


  1. Intro to Digital Media
  2. Creative Video I, II and III (Honors Option)
  3. Newspaper I and Newspaper II Honors
  4. Photojournalism I and Photojournalism II Honors
  5. Yearbook I and Yearbook II Honors


  1. Biology and Biology Honors
  2. AP Biology
  3. Physical Science
  4. Earth Science and Earth Science Honors
  5. Chemistry and Chemistry Honors
  6. AP Chemistry
  7. Physics
  8. AP Physics C
  9. Marine Ecology
  10. Astronomy
  11. Forensics
  12. AP Environmental Science
  13. Anatomy and Physiology Honors

Social Studies

  1. World Geography
  2. World History and World History Honors
  3. AP World History
  4. US History and US History Honors
  5. AP US History
  6. US Government and US Government Honors
  7. AP US Government
  8. Economics and Economics Honors
  9. Psychology and Sociology


  1. Theology 9
  2. Theology 10
  3. Theology 11 (Honors Option)
  4. Catholic Vocations (Honors Option)
  5. Peace and Justice (Honors Option)
  6. Foundations of Catholic Worldview (Honors Option)
  7. World Religions (Honors Option)

World Languages

  1. French I, French II, French III Honors 
  2. AP French
  3. Essential Spanish I and Spanish I
  4. Essential Spanish II, Spanish II, and Spanish II Honors
  5. Spanish III and Spanish III Honors
  6. Spanish IV
  7. AP Spanish Language
  8. AP Spanish Literature
  9. Latin I, Latin II, Latin III, Latin III Honors, and AP Latin

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