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Course Offerings

Cardinal Gibbons offers a robust college preparatory program of studies with over 170 courses in 11 departments. Students take an average of 7 credits per year, which come from both semester and year-long classes. Gibbons also offers 25 Advanced Placement courses.

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Core Courses

Elective Courses

Course of Studies & Pathways

Types of courses

Students are placed in Honors or AP courses based on grades in current classes and/or test score prerequisites. 

College Preparatory 
All courses at Cardinal Gibbons High School are designed for students enrolled in a college preparatory program.

These courses represent an academic challenge for students and are weighted when calculating GPA.

Advanced Placement (AP)
These courses are weighted in GPA calculations and present college-level material according to the course requirements of the College Board AP Program. They conclude with the AP examinations. 

Helpful information

Cardinal Gibbons uses guidelines from academic departments to place students in courses for the upcoming school year.

Students seeking a change in placement must complete the Course Placement Inquiry Form.

Students should complete the Special Request Form for the following: 

  • An additional course beyond the 7 required. 
  • Catholic Virtual AP courses
  • Laboratory and technical theater assistants
  • Summer economics, java or math advancement

Cardinal Gibbons is only able to accommodate changes to course requests and student schedules for sound academic reasons. To request a change:

  • Feb. 14th - March 31st: Contact your college counselor.
  • April 1st or later: Submit the Course Change Inquiry Form.
Graduation Requirements

Students are required to complete 24 credits; a credit is defined as a yearlong course.

Cardinal Gibbons’ graduation requirements exceed the minimum undergraduate admissions requirements at all 16 constituent institutions of the University of North Carolina. 

4 credits - one credit for each year of attendance

4 credits

4 credits - one credit must be above Math III

3 credits - Biology is required; one credit must be a physical science (Chemistry or Physical Science)

Social Studies
3 credits - World History, U.S. History, Economics, and U.S. Government are required

World Language
2 credits in the same World Language

Fine Arts
1 credit

Physical Education
1 credit*

Freshman Seminar
1 credit - Gibbons Freshman Seminar is required

1 credit - any additional course in any department

*Students may choose to defer the PE requirement. 

Note: Individual constituent institutions or a specific area of study may require other courses in addition to the minimum requirements and, therefore, prospective students should refer to the catalogs and contact the admissions offices of any institutions to which they plan to apply.