The strength of technology is that it provides an excellent platform where students can collect information in multiple formats and then organize, link, and discover relationships between facts, events, and the real world in and beyond the classroom. An array of tools for acquiring information and for thinking and expression allows students more ways to enter the learning enterprise successfully and to live productive lives in the global, digital, and information-based environment in which they live and work.

The Business Department identifies effective knowledge and skills that students need to be active, lifelong learners in a technology-intensive environment and develops these skills over time, integrating them over all content areas.

The Business Department also introduces upper-level business courses that prepare students for beginning college classes, if they wish to study business after high school. Students learn, among other business concepts, vocabulary, competencies, and the development of products from formation to marketing plan to sale and the process of tracking the costs and profits of such products.

Throughout the semester, students are instructed using real-world activities on how to responsibly operate in digital space, emphasizing the importance of creating a positive and professional digital footprint.

Technology Skills is a semester course designed to provide all incoming students with an understanding of digital technology and how to apply appropriate technologies to process manage, and communicate information in academic and professional settings.

Marketing and accounting classes provide students with an understanding of business and prepare them for college level courses.

Library Media Specialist Terri Ingraham helps Technology Skills students organize research notes in Noodletools program.